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FLEX | Macro Grip Module

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Taking modularity of the P365 platform to the next level.

Body constructed of hardcoat anodized aluminum

Every component interchagable

Accepts standard P365 FCU
Lead time 7-8 weeks.


  • Made in the USA

  • Free Shipping

  • Life Time Guarantee

Welcome to our new line of grip modules for the P365 platform. Taking modularity to the next level.

We've designed this grip module from the ground up to be completely interchangeable. Choose your rail length, magazine capacity, trigger guard, backstraps, and grip panels to get the exact frame fit for your hands. Race on Sunday, conceal on Monday.

This is specifically for the model displayed. Hard coat anodized aluminum XL length FCU housing and 17 round magazine housing.

Additional components will be offered/available soon. These designs will include:

  • 10rd and 12rd magazine housing  
  • 17rd magazine with an integrated mag well
  • Multiple length FCU housings with rails
  • Multiple length FCU housings without rail (smooth)
  • FCU housing for flush mounting our XXL length slides
  • Trigger guard with integrated thumb throtttle
  • Multiple trigger guard designs

We expect these additional components to be priced between $40-$100 per unit.

Comes with Black G10 Grip Panels.

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