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Sig Sauer P320F IC Warden - Black Nitride

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Introducing The ShaloTek P320F IC | Warden

Meet the ShaloTek P320F IC Slide! Measuring to 8.15" in length and using the Full-Size 4.7" barrel and Full-Size RSA. This slide is made to out-perform and outlast all! Showing off the new Warden cosmetic which utilizes 6 Integrated Compensated ports on the front of the slide for the most optimal gas ejection, permitting for a super flat shooting performance.

ShaloTek's relentless dedication to innovation is evident in every aspect of the P320F IC Slide, making it a must-have for those who demand the best from their firearms. Elevate your shooting game with this precision-crafted slide, and experience a new level of confidence and accuracy on the range.

Here's everything you need to know about the P320F IC slide.

  1. The P320F IC uses the 4.7" Full-Size barrel.
  2. The P320F IC uses the Full-Size RSA. Yes, that's right. No need to purchase a new RSA!
  3. The P320F IC measures out to 8.15"
  4. The P320F IC weighs 14 ounces.


  • ShaloTek slides are made to perform best with ShaloTek parts and OEM parts.
  • The P320F IC slide requires the 4.7" Full-Size barrel.
  • Slides are stripped and do not include internals.
  • Slides do not include sights.
  • Slides are Black Nitride coated.
  • Due to tight tolerances, some aftermarket barrels, RSA, etc. may not fit.
  • Check out other FAQ'S right here.
Sig Sauer
Slide Size:
Slide Cosmetic:
Barrel Needed:
P320 Full-Size
RSA Needed:
P320 Full-Size
416 Stainless Steel