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What are Optic Cut Cover Plates?

Posted by Shalo Tek on Sep 26th 2022

An optic cut cover plate is engineered to fill the cutout space left in a slide after a red dot optic is removed. At Shalo Tek, we’ve designed our custom optic cut cover plate to fill a variety of spaces left by different optics. Benefits of Optic Cut Cover Plates These plates were created to give …

What is a Glock Optic Slide Cut?

Posted by Shalo Tek on Sep 26th 2022

Glock optic cut slides allow for the addition of a red dot sight to be added to your Glock handgun. Whether you’re looking to increase accuracy for long and short distance ranges or quicken your sight acquisition and target engagement, an optic slide cut is what you need. What we Offer At Shalo Te …

What is an Optic on a Glock?

Posted by Shalo Tek on Sep 26th 2022

When referring to Glocks, an optic is an aiming device attached to the gun. Optical sights improve both long and short range accuracy and provide quicker sight acquisition and target transition of your target. How do optics work on a Glock? Optic sights present an in-focus and visible dot on the …

Can I Cut My Own Glock Slide?

Posted by ShaloTek on Aug 18th 2022

      “Cutting or milling a Glock slide is an intricate process that requires paying close attention to detail.”   Cutting a Glock Slide      Milling or cutting a Glock slide should be done by those with experience and an eye …

Can a Glock Slide Be Polished?

Posted by ShaloTek on Aug 18th 2022

    Polishing a Glock Slide can add an element of professionalism and can make the slide look more aesthetic.    Can You Polish a Glock Slide?      Yes, you can. Glock slides come typically factory-coated in black oxide, which many owners cla …

Are There Stainless Steel Slides for Glock?

Posted by ShaloTek on Aug 18th 2022

      Glock slides are made of high quality carbon steel, are there other stainless steel slides better than stainless steel?    Carbon Steel Slide      The Glock slide is manufactured out of carbon steel, which is already a high qu …