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P365 9MM Slide Completion Kit

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All the factory replacement corrosion-resistant parts to complete any P365, P365X, or P365XL slide, minus barrel, sights, and recoil assembly. Includes: -Extractor -Extractor Pin -Extractor spring -Extractor spring insert -Striker group assembly -Striker Safety -Striker safety spring -Rear slide cap Installation of these parts kits requires disassembly of your firearm beyond a “field-stripped” condition. Improper installation may result in malfunction, serious injury, or death. SIG SAUER requires that only certified SIG SAUER armorers install these parts kits. Any damage caused by the incorrect installation of these parts kits are not covered by your firearm’s warranty, and SIG SAUER will charge for any needed repairs to a firearm damaged by improper use or installation of these parts kits. WARNING: These parts kits are intended to be installed as a full unit. Any substitution of included parts may be incompatible and may lead to malfunction, serious injury, or death.